Avoid row-by-row scanning

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Postby Ursego » 19 Feb 2013, 22:28

Don't process DataWindows and DataStores row by row if the task can be accomplished in another, more efficient way.

For example, when you are looking for a value (or values combination), use Find() function instead of row-by-row comparison.

If you want a row (for example, the current row) not to be searched (it can happen when you want to check if there are more rows with the same value(s) as in the current row), call Find() twice: from the first row to the before-skipped row, and then from the just-after-skipped to the last row.

If there can be more than one row to be found then do use a loop, but iterate using Find(), without scanning ALL rows:

*** BAD code: ***

Code: Select all
ll_row_count = dw_emp.RowCount()
for ll_row = 1 to ll_row_count
       ll_curr_dept_id = dw_emp.object.dept_id[ll_row]
       if ll_curr_dept_id <> al_dept_id then continue
       // process the found row

*** GOOD code: ***

Code: Select all
ll_row = 0
ll_row_count = dw_emp.RowCount()
ls_search_expr = "dept_id=" + String(al_dept_id)
do while true
       ll_row = dw_emp.Find(ls_search_expr, ll_row + 1, ll_row_count)
       if ll_row = 0 then exit
       // process the found row
       if ll_row = ll_row_count then exit // prevent eternal loop when last row satisfies search condition

Maximum value of the field in all rows

The function Describe() can be useful - for example, the following code obtains the maximum Effective Date of all rows:

Code: Select all
ld_eff_date = Date(ids_1.Describe("Evaluate('Max(eff_date)',1)"))

Count highlighted rows

Code: Select all
ll_selected_count = Long(dw_1.Describe("Evaluate('Sum(if(IsSelected(), 1, 0) for all)', 1)"))

Use a computed field instead of making the calculation in a code and assigning the results to columns in each row.

If you need to assign a same value to a column in ALL the rows (like a coefficient another column should be multiplied or divided by), make that column a computed field with a very simple expression - "1", and change that expression programmatically. Suppose, a variable ll_coef_to_divide contains the result of a calculation in PB code. Here is the bad (not efficient) solution (assuming that the field is not a computed but exists in the DW's data source):

Code: Select all
for ll_row = 1 to ll_row_count
       dw_XXX.object.coef_to_divide[ll_row] = ll_coef_to_divide

To make the assignment at one stroke, the field should be a computed one. The value, returned by it, is assigned this way:

Code: Select all
dw_XXX.object.c_coef_to_divide.Expression = String(ll_coef_to_divide)
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