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Naming convention

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2013, 10:39
by Ursego
Use a naming convention if it exists in your programming language / organization.

IMHO, it's very important to easily distinguish in code between:

1. Local variables (including arguments to functions) and instance variables. You are lucky if your IDE automatically displays variables of different scope using different colors /bold/italic (as my favorite Eclipse does), but if it doesn't - you can use, for example, the following practice:

2. GUI controls of different types, like lblFirstName (for Label), txtCity (for TextBox), btnCancel (for Button), dgCustomers (for DataGrid) etc.

3. Objects of different classes in frameworks like ADO.NET, for example: cnConnection, cmdCommand, dsDataSet, tblDataTable, rowDataRow, colDataColumn, drDataReader, daDataAdapter...