Avoid complex nested expressions

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Postby Ursego » 21 Feb 2013, 11:28

Try not to write more than one executable statement in one line of code.

Good developers break one long function into a number of short sub-functions - the same philosophy works for complex, super-nested expressions: we should break them down into stand-alone, simple lines:

*** BAD code: ***

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ls_country_name = this.uf_get_country_name_by_city_id(this.uf_get_country_id_by_city_id(this.uf_get_city_id(ll_row_num)))

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countryName = this.getCountryNameByCountryId(this.getCountryIdByCityId(this.getCityId(rowNum)));

*** GOOD code: ***

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ls_city_id = this.uf_get_city_id(ll_row_num)
ls_country_id = this.uf_get_country_id_by_city_id(ls_city_id)
ls_country_name = this.uf_get_country_name_by_country_id(ls_country_id)

Code: Select all
cityId = this.getCityId(rowNum);
countryId = this.getCountryIdByCityId(cityId);
countryName = this.getCountryNameByCountryId(countryId);

The last example demonstrates how this approach simplifies debugging (in addition to better readability!): if the variable countryName has not been populated as expected then you can see in the debugger (without STEP IN) which step exactly fails. In the nested version, if you want to STEP IN getCountryNameByCountryId to debug it then you are forced firstly to STEP IN (and STEP OUT from) each one of the inner methods, beginning from the most nested getCityId.
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